Beat and Mood Analysis and Visualization of Music

The visualization of music has a long history, but only since recently we do have the processing power to perform advanced music analysis techniques in real time. The goal of this thesis is to visualize live music by means of various stage light equipment.

To achieve a new level of synergy between music and light, the following analyses should be performed on live audio streams and translated to lighting control signals:

  • Robust beat detection, possibly incorporating a Kalman filter
  • Speech/singing recognition in order to visualize vowels with specific colours or effects
  • Mood recognition: Recognize harmony and classify dark, happy, energetic, (...) music.
  • More ideas up to the students

A possible technical framework would be the jack audio toolkit as an audio server and python for rapid prototyping of signal processing.

Art der Arbeit

30% Theorie, 40% Umsetzung, 30% Lab Setup


Signalverarbeitung, Spracherkennung, Python


Masterarbeit für 1-2 Personen