Decentralized Ledger eVoting System

SCS - Studienarbeiten

eVoting is an unsolved problem, mainly because of security concerns connected to centralized IT systems. Blockchain technology enables new ways to solve IT problems in a transparent, tamper-proof and decentralized way. However, scalability of such solutions is still unsatisfactory and there’s still no solution that provides privacy of the single voter and transparency of the overall voting process at the same time.This master thesis aims at implementing a voting solution that scales to Swiss national votes. The technologies to be used could include zero knowledge proofs (zk-SNARKS), homomorphic encryption and smart contracts on a public blockchain (i.e. ethereum). Different layer-two technologies shall be evaluated to provide scalability for this use case.

Kind of Work
60% Theory, 40% Implementation

Cryptography, Blockchain

Time & Effort
Master’s Thesis, 1-2 Persons