Building a new Ecological and Private Cryptocurrency

encointer proposes a new blockchain-based cryptocurrency with an ecological consensus mechanism using trusted execution environments and an egalitarian money supply policy, where money issuance is done by individuals attending randomized pseudonym key signing events. encointer also features scalable private transactions and trustless off-chain smart contracts.

This thesis shall build an encointer testnet based on Hyperledger Sawtooth. Depending on the student’s preference, emphasis may be put on:

  • pseudonym key-signing parties using mobile phones to provide a self-sovereign identity web of trust
  • democratic PoET consensus
  • private token transfer
  • private smart contracts

See whitepaper for conceptual details:

Art der Arbeit
30% Theorie, 70% Umsetzung

Blockchain basics, Go Programming Language

Masterarbeit für 1-2 Personen


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