Jogging with Acoustic Feedback based on Body Rhythms

Jogging has become very popular in recent years, with millions of people across the world integrating it into their regular exercise regime. Many, however, do so with poor movement coordination, particularly in terms of the synchronization of body rhythms such as cadence, breathing and heartbeats. In this Master’s thesis, we aim to develop a digital application that will support runners in finding their natural jogging ‘groove’ by providing them with acoustic, real-time feedback on their individual style and technique.

The goal is to develop an application that allows professional and recreational runners to receive real-time feedback (harmonious vs disharmonious sound) on their jogging technique and style, thus enabling not only a synchronization of body rhythms, but to also facilitate flow-experiences.

This project will be conducted in collaboration with Dr. med Christian Larsen, the author of the recently released book entitled “Medical Running”.

Kind of Work
20% Theory, 60 % Design and Implementation, 20 % App Development


  • Programming basics
  • Enthusiasm

Time & Effort
Master’s Thesis, 1-2 Students