Enhanced Body Control through Body Tracking and Data Visualization

Currently, especially athletes and tech geeks are using tools that allow to measure and track body functions like pulse, blood pressure, or respiration. However, the trend towards measurement of bodily functions is increasing steadily, while the possibilities of data acquisition are constantly being extended.

The goal of this work is to develop a new tool that allows a human to learn to control non-visible body functions through visual feedback provided by the tool. This involves selecting a number of matching measuring devices, finding and creating suitable visualizations for the generated data in real-time, and exploring the potential of this newly created tool.

A student applying for this thesis should have basic knowledge of data visualization, be open to work with hardware and software, and be eager to dive into an open field of Arts and Science.

If the project is successful, the goal is to show the final work in an art exhibition.

Kind of Work
40% Theory, 60% Implementation


Data visualization

Time & Effort
Semester/Bachelor’s/Master’s Thesis, 1-2 Students


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