Successful Conversion of the Ticket Vending Machines in Zug

The new 12/13 timetable brought major changes for public transport users in the Canton of Zug: Ring zones were converted into area zone systems. This took place as part of the integration into the ITV Z-Pass Corridor Zug/Schwyz. From the logistical point of view, this meant that a range of completely new products, as well as new user interfaces had to be activated across 150 systems during just one night.

The automated ‘Big Bang’ switch worked perfectly thanks to intensive tests in the run-up. The SCS team only needed to intervene via remote access on one single ticket vending machine during the night.

The new system not only makes our customers happy but also makes us – the developers – proud!

ZVB Userinterface Ringzonen   becomes    Userinterface im ZVV Stil

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