Clothes Passport for an iPad

Herrmanns Laundry Service AG operates dry cleaners and laundries both in Switzerland and elsewhere. As is customary in many dry cleaners, customers receive a discount/clothes passport, which they don’t have to take home with them – instead it is stored on-site in a card index file. Due to large customer lists, there can be long delays until the customer card is found in the card index file, particularly when many customer names begin with the same letter.


In order to shorten the time taken to find the clothes passports, SCS developed a graphical application software for clothes passports which functions on an iPad. It uses the following services from Apple: the well established and easy to use address book and the cloud service for data back-up.

Clothes Passport on the iPad – Characteristics

  • Manual input, search and management of customer surnames and other data such as addresses and notes via the iPad touch screen
  • Manual management of the individual stamps on the graphically visualised clothes passport.

Customer Benefits

The iPad is installed into the business in such a way that it is clearly visible. This way, the customer can see clearly how their passport is found quickly via an address search, and the discount fields are clearly visible when they are being filled out. This creates customer confidence, reduces waiting times and confirms Herrmanns Laundry Service’s status as a thoroughly modern company.

Further Uses

The clothes passport on the iPad has all-purpose functionality (bonus card) and can be adapted to similar needs, for example as a menu passport for restaurants.

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