SGM Stereovision FPGA IP

A German OEM commissioned us to make a high-resolution and exact calculation of the 3D structure of a vehicle using video images of two cameras. Vehicles built in the future will be able to assess events in their immediate vicinity with the help of such information, because they will be able to calculate and determine the position of vehicles, pedestrians and all types of obstacles in advance.

Pentium4-PC is slower by a factor of 50

The complex image processing software was developed on a Pentium Dual PC by our client.  The objective of the project was to clarify, in terms of the pre-production, whether the algorithm is suitable for implementation on an automotive-compliant FPGA.

The Intelligent Solution

SCS opted for a development board with a Xilinx Virtex4 FPGA which exchanges the image data via a PCIe. After analysing the algorithm, the following development steps took place: Design, implementation and testing on the FPGA. Further optimisations were carried out in order to reduce the electricity consumption and to allow for use in an automotive-compliant Xilinx Spartan 3A-DSP FPGA. The computing performance of the FPGA solution exceeds that of the PC by a factor of 50. With the prototype as a PCIe card in the test vehicle, the researchers could verify the practicability of algorithms in vehicles of the future. The FPGA solution will be employed from 2013 onwards in series production vehicles.

SCS is a member of the Xilinx Alliance Certified Third Party Program and offers SCS products and services with Xilinx FPGAs. This includes a wide range of hardware and firmware developments as well as consulting services. The development cycle for new products is significantly accelerated on account of our long-term cooperation with Xilinx.

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