Tomorrow’s cutting edge

The weather forecast by MeteoSwiss and many other European meteorological services are based on COSMO, the numerical weather prediction system. The ‘dynamic core’ of this model was reprogrammed by SCS. This was done in co-operation with the following key partners: MeteoSwiss, ETH Zurich and the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) in Lugano as well as Nvidia.

The new implementation is based on a Stencil Library developed by SCS. This uses ‘Domain Specific Embedded Language’ (DSEL), which allows it to use very diverse processors such as Intel and AMD x86 as well as multi-core architecture such as ‘General-Purpose Graphics Processing Units’ (GPGPU) with maximum performance (performance portability). The performance speed of the weather model could be enhanced many times over thanks to this approach. Unfortunately, this won’t make the weather better, but at least it can be forecasted with a greater degree of accuracy.

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