3D Measurement of Wood Components

As an ecological pioneer, isofloc has been producing high-quality insulation from recycled newspapers since 1982. In both retrofits and new buildings, the injection of cellulose flakes allows for seamless and therefore very efficient insulation.

Robofloc automatically fills pre-fabricated wood components (image on the right: reconstructed top view) with isofloc insulating material.

In the field of sectional construction, isofloc is pursuing a process of innovative, user-orientated rationalisation: It has developed the robofloc filling machine which semi-automatically injects cellulose flakes into industrially manufactured wood construction components. Existing production lines can also be retrofitted with the robot system easily. High quality injection can only be achieved if the injection positions have been precisely defined on the wood components. The open-top elements are sometimes not aligned and might be delivered in any order on roller conveyors.

To meet its quality specifications, isofloc has developed a camera system, together with SCS, which performs three-dimensional laser scans of the wood components in order to measure their shape and position very accurately. The precise 3D data allows for accurate, geometric modelling of the elements: the numbers and positions of the corners and side lengths, element depths and recesses in the walls are determined. The system also recognises spaces which are not to be filled and in this way prevents the unwanted egress of insulation flakes. Afterwards, the individual injection positions are determined, the robot advances to them, and the elements are filled in accordance with the injection data that has been calculated.

The camera systems enable reproducibly high quality for the insertion of cellulose flakes into industrially manufactured prefabricated components, irrespective of the software interface, such as to CAD construction programs. It does not affect investments that may already have been made by manufacturers.

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