Automatic Optical Product Recognition

Ferag AG is a leading provider of conveyance and processing technology for print media. Ferag was looking for a solution for the monitoring and optimisation of various processes at its facilities. By way of response, the SCS team has developed a computer platform based on an Analog Devices BlackFin DSP digital signal processor operated by uClinux. The CMOS sensor by Aptina is particularly suitable for moving scenes and guarantees long-term availability. The computer platform communicates directly with the controller via parallel interfaces (24V), Ethernet or EtherCAT. The open software framework provides the basis for efficiently implementing today’s tasks and can be expanded to meet future requirements.

Ferag QualiEye in front of a Unidrum Conveyor System

The ‘Machine Vision’ – solution by SCS allows badly positioned sheets to be detected automatically. In this way, it helps to prevent heavy financial losses and delays in print production. The computer platform can be used extensively thanks to low manufacturing costs. Furthermore, numerous servomotors and light barriers can be dispensed with in the construction of the machinery, since the image processing solution can handle various formats automatically and without mechanical modifications.

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