Optical Traffic Jam Sensor

Viasuisse is the Swiss traffic information centre based in Biel. A trilingual editorial team refines various data sources into high quality traffic information, which is disseminated through various channels.

The left lane is 95% free, the right one with rush-hour evening traffic is 15% free.

Viasuisse evaluates footage with regard to the traffic conditions and enters the results into your production system. Viasuisse wishes to optimise these processes. For this purpose, it requires automatic image analysis and a means of integrating the results into the existing framework without media discontinuities.

Together with SCS, Viasuisse has demonstrated an innovative way to identify traffic conditions reliably and automatically, such as traffic jams or heavy traffic, using footage from greatly varying sources. This is then effectively integrated into the existing workflow.

Integration of automatic traffic jam recognition into the work process of the editorial team

The scalable platform for automatic image evaluation and the generation of client-specific traffic reports also manages the camera positions including meta-information such as geo-references. Operating costs can be saved through a centralised operation involving their distribution across several parties.

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