REMICO Swiss Air Rescue Service Radio System

Rega, Switzerland’s air rescue service, brings swift and professional medical help from the air and supports people in emergency situations. Rega aims to replace the existing infrastructure with an integrated dispatch system with a modern radio network as part of a major project named REMICO (Rega Mission Control). SCS is developing and extending the components of the new radio system.

Rega operates its own radio network to guide its helicopters and as part of their co-operation with the Swiss Alpine Rescue Service. Rega’s radio network consists of the central radio components, the radio operation workplaces, 42 fixed radio transmitting stations as well as radio equipment for the helicopters and handheld transceivers. The radio operation workplaces allow the radio system to be used even without the dispatch system.

The central radio components are designed for high availability and are permanently monitored together with the radio stations. The central components allow the existing and new radio stations to be operated in parallel. Thus they enable seamless migration.

In the REMICO project, SCS’s services comprise the following:

  • Overall concept, technology evaluation
  • Creation of a migration strategy for uninterrupted transformation of the radio system
  • Development of software for the radio stations
  • Development and linking of central server components into the dispatch system based on VoIP
  • Development and certification of an avionics component for radio control
  • Provision of operating, test and training infrastructures

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