Visual inspection of clinical sample vessels

CAR auf T StückThe Hamburg, Germany based company GLP systems GmbH is an innovative specialist in the area of information and automation systems for clinical laboratories. GLP systems has revolutionised the carriage of the samples with a new approach: just like on a Carrera toy racetrack, the sample vessels are being transported with intelligent vehicles, so called CARs, on simple tracks through the laboratory and the cooling chambers. Compared to current sample transportation systems, this concept features a very high reliability and durability, since the individual CARs can easily be removed and replaced. Expensive maintenance can thus be avoided and further enlargements of the system are easy to realise.

Probegefässe_KreisIn order to avoid faulty analytical jobs, the order and the vessel type have to match for every CAR. GLP systems searched for a partner, who ensures this match with a camera system: the computer vision solution of SCS supports a purely optical analysis of the main characteristics of the vessels (shape, colour). Based on a precedent autonomous training, all common types can be classified.

Tube am Accesspoint mit greifer und tubes im Hintergrund-AusschnittThis concept has been evaluated using Rapid Prototyping in Matlab and has then been transferred onto the leanXcam platform. A special focus is placed on the illumination. Thanks to the integrated Linux operating system and the existing protocols, a network-based connection to the lead system could easily be established. With the leanXcam-based classification, GLP systems has thus found a valuable vision solution that was easy to integrate.

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Contact person at SCS
Johannes Gassner

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