– Certified for the maintainability and quality of the source code

We are very proud that – the leading online-platform for legal information in Switzerland – is now certified according to the SIG/TÜViT Trusted Product Maintainability Criteria. This certificate is awarded to software products that fulfil strict requirements regarding maintainability and quality of its source code. was rated with 4-stars, ranking it in the top 30% of the software solutions certified using the SIG/TÜViT Evaluation Criteria for Trusted Product Maintainability.

Swisslex - SCS - SIG/TÜViT Certificat
Floris van den Broek CTO SIG B.V. / Marc Bloch Sommer CEO Swisslex / Jérôme Stettler Department Head SCS AG

We thank Swisslex AG for their trust in our service in the last years and look forward to a further successful cooperation.

Additional Information
TÜViT Product Maintainability Description
Swisslex certificate

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