In collaboration with BKW, ewz and Bacher Energie AG, as well as co-financed by the Federal Office of Energy (FOE), SCS AG has successfully fulfilled the GridBox measurement and demonstration campaigns by March 2016. The GridBox project demonstrated a real-world instance of a full featured smart grid concept. Two distribution grid regions were equipped with almost 150 Gridbox devices: an urban quarter of the city of Zurich as well as an alpine region around Bern (Kiental). The development comprised of the measurement and control box, the communication infrastructure, the central intelligence software as well as data archive and analysis tools. A large number of research campaigns have been conducted on the GridBox platform for more than a year of full operation.


The primary results of the project are:

  • Demonstration of the feasibility of a real-time management platform for the distribution grid (low- and medium-voltage levels)
  • Development and demonstration of an advances real-time state estimation for distribution grids
  • Topology detection based on pure grid measurement data (calculation of the grid graph and identification of electrical characteristics)
  • Demonstration of a real-time optimization of the distribution grid state by influencing loads and infeed:
    • In households: control of water heaters, heat pumps and solar inverters (P and Q)
    • Within the grid: Control of a large grid battery (500kWh)
  • Recording of detailed grid measurement data in a specific archive: 150 measurement points, 1 Hz, including PMU-information
  • Evaluation of PMU functionality in the distribution grid

Box_open_Rogos_fadedPicture 1: Project-specific GridBox hardware for installation into households, distribution cabins and transformer stations. The box measures voltages and currents (12kHz resolution) with GPS-synchronized phasor information. The measurement data is preprocessed and communicated to a central data processing unit once per second. The box allows the control of flexibilities such as water heaters, heat pumps, solar infeed, batteries, e-mobility etc.


Picture 2 : The GridBox cockpit is a live visualization of the grid state, showing real-time measurement data, state estimation output and optimizer control information. The measurement data archive is just one click away.

The core team at SCS encompassed ca. 7 engineers. The full project team including partners amounted to about 35 people including developers, data analysts, installation personnel, IT personnel and project management. We highly esteem their active contributions and commitment in order to bring this project to a successful finish.

GridBox will live on – commercialization is planned.