SCS Food for Thought: Transition from the Infinite Growth to Post Growth Era

Niko Paech, lecturer at the University of Siegen, introduced us in his exciting speech to the clash between the compulsion for growth and the limits of growth. In his view, the concept of „green growth“ is insufficient to resolve climate change and the limitations of physical and ecological resources. There is a need to develop a path towards a more modest life style.

Niko Paech proposes that we evolve into self-effective prosumers who produce more by ourselves (e.g. in communal gardens, own furniture), who share more of our equipment (e.g. car-sharing, lawn mower sharing) and who use products for a longer period (e.g. repair clothes and household appliances). This does not only apply just to us as individuals, but also to public and private enterprises. How will the world look like, once we focus more on repair, modernization and refit rather than new product manufacturing?

Speech (only in German)

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