Alpiq GridSense

Alpiq InTec relies on competent partners in the development of the GridSense system. Supercomputing Systems AG is developing the central backend software which allows the management of distributed GridSense devices and provides web-based UIs for customers and operators.

GridSense is an energy management solution for buildings. The system detects and learns the behavior of the building’s residents over time and anticipates it through adaptive algorithms. GridSense smoothes out loads and generation and allows the efficient integration of renewable energies while taking into accout meteorological forecasts. The distribution grid benefits from a balancing effect, allowing an increased roll-out and integration of renewables without costly grid extensions. GridSense optimizes economics and enables efficient energy consumption.

More information about GridSense: GridSense Website (German)


Around 3 years after the first ideas, we were able to realize the rc_visard, a 3D-stereo camera for robots, on behalf of the project partners KUKA and Roboception within just 9 months. For this project SCS could rely on their extensive expertise in the electrical development and camera systems. This camera with the on board NVIDIA Tegra K1 chip allows realtime 3D measurements and positioning and enables a multitude of further developments in robot automation. For the development of the sensor, Roboception was focusing on intuitive usability and seamless integration with standard interfaces. At the Hannovermesse in April 2017, Roboception presented the solution to the general public and has worked since then on the ramp up of serial production. From end of September 2017, the rc_visard solution will be delivered to customers across the world. We congratulate for the successful product launch.

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