Facilitated Maintenance with Augmented Reality

SCS - Studienarbeiten

OverviewTechnical maintenance on ticket vending machines requires a high level of expertise. Technicians usually need many weeks to get a good understanding of the vending machines, under the tight supervision of their mentor. The goal of the present study is to design and implement an AR (Augmented Reality) system that will facilitate the work of the technicians and reduce their apprenticeship time. In fact, this AR solution will provide in real-time the necessary information with the corresponding documentation of the component that needs maintenance. For instance, a technician will be able to immediately scan the different components in the TVM and determine which are the cables that must be connected between them.Technologies

Setup (provided by SCS)

  • iPhone 6s
  • Computer
  • Work place

Setup (to be provided by the student)

  • The student should bring his own Macbook Pro with
    • Xcode 9 and
    • OS X High Sierra preinstalled

Kind of Work
50% theory, 50% implementation

Experience with iOS

Time & Effort
Semester or Bachelor’s Thesis: 1-2 Students
Master’s Thesis: 1 Student