Flexible FPGA-based Test Equipment to Model and Characterize the Real-Time Behavior of an Ethernet Ring

SCS - Studienarbeiten

In this work, flexible test equipment for Ethernet network hardware and firmware shall be evaluate and commissioned. The goal is to model and characterize an Ethernet network based on BroadR-Reach with ring topology and HSR protocol for its real-time behavior.The test equipment could be based on devices available at netfpga.org. Extensions may be developed to further improve functionality.Requirements of Test Equipment

  • Wire speed of 10G or higher
  • The equipment shall ideally be HW-based, to allow stimulation of different types of errors:
    • Wrong CRC
    • Bit-Errors
    • Protocol/timing violations (short interpacket gap, preamble, …)
  • Automated comparison(e.g. simulation of pakets with a tag/label). The DUT is allowed to drop packets. The test equipment detects the drop-rate and checks the format of the pakets that are routed through)
  • Easily controllable with test scripts

Suggested Platforms


Kind of Work
40% Theorie, 60% Implementation

Ethernet Networks, FPGA Implementation, Software, Testing

Time & Effort
Semester Thesis, 1-2 Persons


SCS - Studienarbeiten SCS - Studienarbeiten