Track and Trace in high performance packaging systems

The World Health Organization (WHO) assumes that over 25% of the medicine sold in developing countries and about 50% of medicine ordered online are fake. According to WHO’s estimations, the death toll in Africa alone amounts to 100’000 per year due to fake medicine. As a reaction to these figures, numerous governments worldwide are releasing more restricting regulations for pharmaceutical products (packaging, seals, verification etc.) and are obliging the industry to ensure the traceability of corresponding products.

The packaging plant manufacturer Gerhard Schubert GmbH considers it normal that his facilities ensure the total traceability of each product in every packaged unity and every packaging level (i.e. clusters, boxes and pallets) and thus meet the regulatory requirements of customers, as well as national and international requirements.

It is crucial that the track and trace functionality, as well as the implementation of ERP functions does not negatively impact the output and performance of the production facility. Moreover, it must feature the flexibility to be adapted by the customer when requirements change and must show a complete audit-trail.

Thanks to the modular architecture implemented by SCS, the various regulatory requirements concerning labelling and verification can be configured and expanded by the customer independently. Also, ERP systems of various manufacturers can easily be implemented. The integrated audit-trail ensures the required tracking of all relevant changes made to the system.

Applied Technologies: Microsoft .NET/C#, SQL-Server, WCF

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