High Performance Systems


  • Technical solutions for uncommon challenges, that require high processing power as well as fast data transfer.
  • Application of programmable logic (FPGA), signal processors (DSP), graphic processors (GPGPU) and super computers that border the impossible.
  • Systems developed by us…

    • process gigabytes of data per second.
    • work with less than a miliwatt of electrical energy.
    • monitor the safety of patients during tumor radiation.
    • accelerate the calculation of weather forecasts by factors.
    • detect and process the weakest signals.


  • Telecommunication- and network equipment
  • Cryptographical applications
  • Security technology
  • Medical technology
  • Super computing and large-scale research facilities
  • Measuring technology and equipment construction

Team Specialities

  • We offer reliable professional expertise for hardware, FPGA- and low-level software as well as high performing software and generic programming.
  • We are used to managing the most diverse project demands like costs, 'Time to Market', energy demand, reliability, security, interfaces etc... – thus, in cooperation with our customer, we elaborate unique solutions with convincing unique selling propositions.
  • We bring along expertise in the elaboration and implementation of radical innovations.



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