Trust and partnership are the cornerstones of successful
project implementation.

Stephan Moser, Dipl. El. Ing. ETH

Energy Systems

Key Aspects

  • Energy Systems, Smart Grids, Building energy and heating systems
  • Mission-critical systems
  • Embedded systems / distributed systems / IOT systems
  • Avionics

  • GridBox Smart Grid System
  • GridSense home energy management system (InnoSense AG)
  • REMICO radio system (Swiss air rescue service)
  • Swisseldex datahub
  • Energy management systems

  • Conceptual studies and system analysis
  • Migration strategies
  • System solutions for electricity Grids, energy management
  • Optimizing operations of energy systems


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    • New Department “Decentralized Systems”New Department "Decentralized Systems"
      As of July 1, 2018, SCS has launched a new Department for Blockchain and Internet-Of-Things. Alain Brenzikofer heads the newly formed group as the new Department Head. We congratulate Alain Brenzikofer on the new role and wish him every success. Distributed Ledger Technologies, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, IoT: The terms are ubiquitous and will disrupt various industries. Alain ...
    • GridSense and SCS: a strong partnershipGridSense and SCS: a strong partnership
      Alpiq InTec relies on competent partners in the development of the GridSense system. Supercomputing Systems AG is developing the central backend software which allows the management of distributed GridSense devices and provides web-based UIs for customers and operators. GridSense is an energy management solution for buildings. The system detects and learns the behavior of the building’s ...
    • Blockchain technology for industry 4.0 applicationsBlockchain technology for industry 4.0 applications
      Industrial applications require an increasing degree of trust and privacy protection. Proof of existence, of origination or of a consistent track record gain importance. Trusting the timestamps and the integrity of sensor data can be a crucial requirement, i.e. for using surveillance camera footage as evidence in court. SCS has set up an infrastructure that proves ...
    • GridBox: Project campaigns successfully fulfilledGridBox: Project campaigns successfully fulfilled
      In collaboration with BKW, ewz and Bacher Energie AG, as well as co-financed by the Federal Office of Energy (FOE), SCS AG has successfully fulfilled the GridBox measurement and demonstration campaigns by March 2016. The GridBox project demonstrated a real-world instance of a full featured smart grid concept. Two distribution grid regions were equipped with ...