Embedded Systems & Automotive

Key Aspects

  • Embedded Computing with FPGA and DSP-Technology
  • Stereo Vision
  • CCD/CMOS Camera Developments
  • Measurement Technology
  • FPGA-Box


  • Studies and implementation of algorithms on modern FPGA-and DSP-architectures (Xilinx, Altera, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Freescale)


SeeFront GmbH has won the German Innovation Award 2013. The Hamburgbased company’s glasses-free 3D display technology convinced the jury members, among them physicist and Nobel laureate Prof. Dr. Gerd Binnig and Cornelia Rudloff-Schaeffer, ...
Modern cars are using more and more cameras in order to provide a better and more comprehensive display of their surroundings. Camera manufacturers need reliable measurement technology to design such systems. The SCS measurement technology ...
A German OEM commissioned us to make a high-resolution and exact calculation of the 3D structure of a vehicle using video images of two cameras. Vehicles built in the future will be able to assess events in their immediate vicinity with the ...
The research team of an established automotive company in Germany is developing highly complex image processing algorithms for new driver assistance and safety systems. An example of this is the calculation in real time of several thousand ...