Our Hardware and Software controls and monitors complex machines. You can rely on our expertise for Hardware, FPGA and Firmware as well as high-performance software.

David Gschwend, Department Head, MSc. ETH EEIT

High Performance Systems


Schwerpunkte Department HPS

  • Full-stack solutions to complex problems thanks to our experience from hardware, firmware and software to entire systems.
  • Technical solutions for uncommon challenges, that require high processing power as well as fast data transfer.
  • Application of programmable logic (FPGA), systems-on-chip (SoC), signal processors (DSP), graphic processors (GPGPU) and super computers that border the impossible.
  • Systems developed by us…
    • process gigabytes of data per second.
    • work with less than a miliwatt of electrical energy.
    • monitor the safety of patients during tumor radiation.
    • control some of the largest and most powerful motors worldwide.
    • detect and process the weakest signals.


  • Distributed machine control and monitoring
  • Ultra-low power IoT applications
  • Telecommunication and network equipment
  • Cryptographical applications
  • Security technology
  • Medical technology
  • Super computing and large-scale research facilities
  • Measuring technology and equipment construction
  • Embedded artificial intelligende (AI at the edge)

Team Specialities

  • We offer reliable professional expertise for hardware, FPGA- and low-level software as well as high performing software and generic programming.
  • We are used to managing the most diverse project demands like costs, ‘Time to Market’, energy demand, reliability, security, interfaces, etc… – thus, in cooperation with our customer, we elaborate unique solutions with convincing unique selling propositions.
  • We bring along expertise in the elaboration and implementation of radical innovations.

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    • AI at the Edge: How artificial intelligence moves from cloud to deviceAI at the Edge: How artificial intelligence moves from cloud to device
      (Unfortunately, this presentation is currently only available in German.) In naher Zukunft wird KI zu unserem Alltag gehören. So werden selbstoptimierende Maschinen, Spracherkennung sowie diagnostizierende Medizingeräte uns täglich unterstützen. Die zugrunde liegenden Algorithmen sind extrem leistungsfähig aber auch leistungshungrig. Was steckt wirklich hinter der KI? Wie kann diese «at the edge», also eingebettet im Endgerät laufen, ...

    • Retrofit of ticket vending machinesRetrofit of ticket vending machines
      Since 2012 it became apparent to public transport operators, that a concious decision is necessary between purchasing and installing a new generation of TVM (ticket vending machines) and retrofitting the current machines.  Every business case we prepared so far with a customer showed clearly: To keep the current machines, open the interfaces and source of ...
    • New Department Head – Patrik WernliNew Department Head - Patrik Wernli
      With Patrik Wernli, a very experienced project manager takes on the role of department head. From April 1st. Patrik takes over the department of Christian Bühlman who leaves SCS after 13 years. We wish Patrik a great start and thank Christian very much for the successful work over the years.
    • Combat climate change with gamificationCombat climate change with gamification
      Climate change and its impact will affect us all in the future. A few years’ ago, we organized Eco-lunches at our offices. During these lunches, we discussed the idea of combating climate change with an element from gamification. This is why we are glad that this year, myblueplanet.ch launches the myblueplanet coach app that allows challenges ...
    • Synchrous voice-over-IP for a single frequency radio networkSynchrous voice-over-IP for a single frequency radio network
      The company Jöhl + Köferli AG offers tailored radio-transmission solutions. Supplemented by a control system, a central communication infrastructure for public transport emerges. The comprehensive and reliable radio coverage of an area is always hampered by topographical and structural barriers. The single frequency radio network technology designed by Jöhl + Köferli AG solves this problem by ...