Measure & Decide

Key Aspects: Algorithm Development, Measurement and Sensor Systems

  • Machine Vision and Industrial Signal Processing
  • Cost-effective and Self-learning Sensor Systems, Machine Learning
  • Intelligent Decision Making, Optimization Tasks
  • Planning the Allocation of Scarce Resources (Operations Research)
  • Big data: Statistical Analysis of Large Datasets

Core Business

Our core business concerns optimal measuring, evaluating and decision-making. Our customers are interested in:

  • Improving quality and control by measuring the relevant parameters
  • Gaining insights by means of automated data analysis
  • Making the right decisions, even if constraints are complex and available resources are scarce

We operate independently of system or sensor providers and are guided by the existing processes and infrastructure. The well-documented results of our work become the property of our clients. This means that interface sovereignty remains in their hands and allows them maximum freedom of choice in the future.

We love to hear about your problems! We maintain extensive networks of contacts and actively exchange ideas with leading research institutions. This means that the most recent findings and successful innovations from other industries find their way into your product, too.

Our customers benefit from the experience that we have gained in twenty years of successful technology innovation in custom sensor systems. Thanks to streamlined processes Time to Market is minimized. The individually created added value sets our customers apart from their competitors. 


Vision Award 2008, awarded by the most important trade fair for Machine Vision in Europe


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