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Dr. Alexis Guanella, Ing. math. dipl. EPF

Software Solutions


  • Tailor-made software design and implementation
  • Large, distributed and scalable software solutions
  • Development of distributed systems with real-time system monitoring, maintenance and deployment
  • Cloud computing and infrastructure
  • Open source software integration
  • Retrofits: innovative renewal of existing IT systems (Life cycle extension, Legacy modernization, Reverse engineering of the interfaces)
  • Flexible hardware integration
  • System optimization with deep learning
  • Expert in integration of contactless payment solutions (Apple Pay, Twint, …)
A retrofit is a modernization of a system, which consists in replacing or adding some of its components while keeping others. The main advantage of a retrofit is the saving of resources. Instead of purchasing a new system as a whole, it is possible to integrate new functions into an existing system, e.g. via new software or targeted components, while retaining the majority of hardware components. Paired with this ecological advantage (resources and limited construction effort) the economic aspect plays an important role (continuity, integration, implementation time). Zurich-based Supercomputing Systems AG (SCS), founded in 1993 by Professor Anton Gunzinger of ETH Zurich, has long observed the waste of resources in industry. For electronic systems, from simple radiators to locomotives, new equipment must be purchased regularly due to partial obsolescence. While this seems to stimulate the economy, much of the country’s wealth and resources are wasted. In 2009, a first project was implemented by SCS to counter a partial obsolescence with a retrofit and thus modernize an IT solution without having to acquire a new global solution. Instead of buying new ticket machines for public transport in the canton of Zug, SCS made a retrofit. This pioneering project paved the way for many other projects (dynamic passenger information displays, parking guidance systems, relay interlocking systems) in which an SCS department has now specialized. Coupled with the openness of the system and its interfaces, our retrofit experience has proven to be a disruptive business model. The original captive lock-in model is replaced by a customer-oriented model. Subsequent developments and a corresponding road map can be planned according to requirements and implemented more cost-effectively. Traffic lights, luggage lockers, airport infrastructure, rail technology, etc. All these facilities and many more can be renovated and prepared for the future. SCS is committed to modernizing all of them.

  • Retrofit Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) for TPG


  • Successful Conversion of the Ticket Vending Machines in Zug
    The new 12/13 timetable brought major changes for public transport users in the Canton of Zug: Ring zones were converted into area zone systems. This took place as part of the integration into the ITV Z-Pass Corridor Zug/Schwyz. From the logistical point of view, this meant that a range of completely new products, as well ...
  • Timetable and Fare Changes in the Canton of ZugTimetable and Fare Changes in the Canton of Zug
    The preparations for the 12/13 timetable change are running at full speed. Good progress is being made on the software development for the new user interface in ZVV style. ZVB’s 2013 product range is being created in close co-operation with tariff specialists. The tariffs of SBB, ITV Z-Pass and TV Zug are being bundled into ...
  • Software for Ticket Vending Machines rolled out
    The ticketing system for ticket vending machines for Zugerland Verkehrsbetriebe AG (ZVB) has been approved and is being rolled out. The development lasted from the specification in early 2010 until the field test phase in the first quarter of 2012. Hardware control and a retailing GUI were developed during this time in close cooperation with ...
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