Embedded Systems

Key Aspects

  • Energy Systems, Smart Grids
  • Mission-critical Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Avionics


  • REMICO radio system (Swiss air rescue service)
  • Energy management systems


  • Conceptual studies and system analysis
  • Migration strategies
  • System solutions for electricity Grids, energy management


Alpiq InTec relies on competent partners in the development of the GridSense system. Supercomputing Systems AG is developing the central backend software which allows the management of distributed GridSense devices and provides web-based ...
In collaboration with BKW, ewz and Bacher Energie AG, as well as co-financed by the Federal Office of Energy (FOE), SCS AG has successfully fulfilled the GridBox measurement and demonstration campaigns by March 2016. The GridBox project ...
In cooperation with BKW (Berne), ewz (Zurich) and BEAG (Baden), Supercomputing Systems AG develops a holistic smart grid platform that will help to make distribution grids future-proof ...
Rega, Switzerland’s air rescue service, brings swift and professional medical help from the air and supports people in emergency situations. Rega aims to replace the existing infrastructure with an integrated dispatch system with a modern ...