Environmental Policy

We are following an ecologically compatible approach to operating our business that is based on responsible resource management and a minimal impact on the environment. The necessary funds have been made available.

As part of this approach, we set objectives that are subject to on-going reviews.

SCS pursues the following environmental objectives:

  • Minimisation of the impact our business activities have on the environment
  • Our services promote the development, realisation and marketing of environmentally friendly products
  • Provision of ecological information and motivation of staff to act in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Purchasing of materials and products takes re-usability and environmental compatibility into account
  • Focus on correct disposal policy
  • Compliance with statutory environmental protection regulations.

Extract from the SCS Environmental Management document.

Many of our projects have a strong focus on environmental aspects. Be it by saving energy through the use of modern and efficient technologies or by directly increasing the effectiveness of the systems. Examples are e.g.:

SCS is ISO 14001 certified.

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