• Swisseldex mandates SCS to develop its ‘datahub’, the Swiss electricity sector’s central platform for energy metering data.
  • SBB commences operations with the gDFZ (railway infrastructure diagnosis vehicle).
  • SCS celebrates 25 years.
  • Alain Brenzikofer heads the newly found departement ‚Decentralized Systems‘ mit a focus on blockchain- and ITO systems.
  • Florentin Marty is nominated Department Head of the Measure&Decide department
  • Since 2017, we are over 100 employees.
  • The FPGA based stock-exchange allows to trade 10 times faster and absolutely fair. The Swiss Trading Box AG will further market the technology.
  • The modular architecture of the SBB ZKE allowed an adaptation of the solution in time for the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel with still 100% availability.
  • The newly founded Smart Grid Solutions AG takes over the technology from the GridBox project and enter the market as a technology and solution provider.
  • Dr. Alexis Guanella is Department Head of the newly founded Software Solutions Department with focust on public transport.
  • The GridBox project is Switzerland’s most comprehensive Smart Grid Project. It is in live operation in the Bernese Kiental (BKW) and Zurich Affoltern (ewz).
  • The FARO archive system enables the journalists at Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF) efficient search and access to video and radio material.
  • SCS receives the contract for the development of central systems for the SBB “towed diagnostics vehicle” (gDFZ).
  • transports publics genevois (tpg) concludes the retrofit program for 500 ticket vending machines with great success.
  • SCS is one of the first companies to be certified to the new system SN EN ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015.


  • The first tumor patients recieve irradiation treatment at PSI with the pioneering Gantry2 technology with protons.
  • STUDER launches the CPU-based DSP core.
  • With the new wireless system REMICO, Rega has a communications system which significantly supports rescue operations.
  • SCS is awarded the excellent 4th place when participating in the “Swiss Employer Award” for the first time
  • Certification for maintainability and quality of the source code by SIG/TÜViT.
  • Mercedes brings the new E- and S-Classes with driver assistance systems onto the market based on stereovision.
  • SSCS celebrates its 20th anniversary.
  • Retrofitting of the ticket machines for public transport service of Zug (ZVB) is completed. Successful integration into the ITV Z-Pass.
  • Public transport service of Lucerne passenger information platform is selected as a regional data hub.
  • SAT1/Pro7 adopts FARO, a digital video archive system.
  • SCS establishes its eighth department, and the company expands to 80 employees.
  • Product launch of the Limmex emergency watch.
  • RRoll-out of the new Swisslex platform.
  • BLS networks its own train monitoring systems.
  • The public transport service of Lucerne modernises its passenger information platform.
  • SCS becomes ISO 9001 certified.
  • Schubert brings a packaging system with integrated OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) Cockpit onto the market.
  • Swiss Television puts the FARO digital video archive into operation.
  • The ZKE alarm system, used for the detection of overheating brakes and hot boxes, increases safety on SBB’s rail network.
  • SCS wins the Vision Award and implements its first project in accordance with CENELEC standards.
  • The NOVA 3D-Display brightens the hall of Zurich Main Station.
  • SCS gains the trust of its one-hundredth customer.
  • SCS employs more than 50 staff members.
  • PSI commissions the control system of the Gantry2 proton therapy system in ‘fast scanning mode’.
  • 2005 SCS relocates to larger office buildings in the Technopark and is restructured into four departments.
  • SCS is headed by a CEO for the first time. The Administrative Board is enlarged with two external members.
  • Swiss Television manages its first channel with the Proteus planning tool.
  • The Swiss Light Source (SLS) is commissioned at PSI with digitally controlled power supplies.
  • Anton Gunzinger receives the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2001’ award in the category Commerce/Services.
  • SCS gets its first international customer project whose value significantly exceeds 1 million Swiss Francs.
  • SCS relocates within Technopark.
  • AGFA converts image processing in photo laboratories into digital technology.
  • SCS ceases to market its own products and instead fully focuses on customer projects.
  • SCS receives the Design Award at the CeBIT/Hannover Messe.
  • D950, the first digital mixing system by STUDER Professional Audio, comes onto the market.
  • The first industrial project lays the foundation for customer-oriented development projects.
  • The Gigabooster, the first and only SCS product, comes onto the market.
  • Anton Gunzinger founds SCS with the aim of turning supercomputer technology at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich into specific products and marketing them.
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