Our Services

The needs of our customers are at the heart of all our endeavours.

As a development services provider, we bring 25 years of experience in the areas of electronics, software and system design into your projects. Our work is based on reliable technical expertise, well-founded methodological competence as well as significant experience in project management.

The team, consisting of over 120 proven experts, covers a broad spectrum of technologies: software development, cloud solutions, IOT systems, AI /VR / AR solutions; hardware, FPGA- and GPU systems, fast communication systems, embedded system software. Our algorithm specialists find even the finest of signals in enormous data volumes and develop effective decision-making tools to optimize complex procedures.

Thanks to the experience we have gained from more than 2000 projects for over 300 customers, we succeed time and again in subdividing complex challenges into manageable projects and implementing these with a high degree of planning security. That is why many of our customers reduce the complexity and the risk relating to their projects by delegating the responsibility for dates and deliverables to us as part of fixed-price projects.

We realize innovative solutions and maintain them during their entire life cycle. In doing so, we align ourselves 100% to the requirements of our customers’ projects and fund ourselves entirely from this income.

We see ourselves as an open and interested partner for our customers and join forces with them to achieve success.