Collaboration, trust, team spirit, sustainability and transparency: for almost 30 years, SCS has been successfully building a culture that focuses on people. With us, you have a lot of freedom and development opportunities and can contribute your ideas and skills. You will meet committed, talented, competent, enthusiastic, self-reliant, flexible, eager to learn and curious colleagues.

SCS is looking for you!

What is important to us

We want our employees to feel good all around and to be able to draw from their full potential with joy. Here is an insight into what we do to achieve this:

  • Trust, teamwork, co-creation

    At SCS, you can contribute your ideas and creativity and have a lot of freedom in shaping your daily work routine. From the very beginning, you can count on the helpfulness and exchange with your team colleagues.

  • Exciting work, meaningful projects

    It never gets boring with us: different industries, customers and new technologies bring challenges, variety and satisfy your curiosity. We attach great importance to sustainability and are guided by defined ethical standards.

  • Flexible working hours & home office

    You are free to organise your working hours in consultation with your team. If you want, you can do some of your work at home. Longer holidays are also possible.

  • Further education & knowledge transfer

    SCS offers you individual opportunities to develop yourself according to your wishes and strengths. You can find technical exchange in Tech Talks, Clean Coder Evenings and Communities of Practice, among others. Social issues are regularly discussed in the SCS thought-provoking events.

  • Part-time

    We can do that: Half of the employees at SCS - including at management level - have been working part-time for years. This enables us to reconcile work and other areas of life.

  • Events, Games & Fun

    Whether it's Tuesday lunch, the ski weekend, the SCS lake crossing, game nights, hack day or the mountain sports group - there are plenty of activities outside of work to have fun and get to know your colleagues from a different perspective.


Do you have a university degree in electrical engineering, computer science, physics or mathematics? Do you love technical challenges and want to work in a human environment at the same time? Then you've come to the right place!

  • Software Developer (a)

    For ticketing projects (public transport ticketing) in a dynamic scrum team in the Software Solutions department. ... Learn more
  • Software Developer (a)

    for our development team in the environment of SBB projects ... Learn more
  • Unsolicited application

    Is there nothing suitable for you among the vacancies advertised? We are always looking for dedicated, talented, curious, ... Learn more

Application process

  1. Upload application documents (letter of motivation, CV, certificates) to the appropriate position.
  2. Receipt confirmation
  3. Application check
  4. Selection interviews: 1. interview with department and HR, 2. technical interview
  5. Getting to know the future team
  6. Feedback & Decision
  7. Onboarding: Welcome to SCS!



We welcome direct applications and do not accept dossiers from recruitment agencies.

Study and Master Theses

If you are studying electrical engineering, computer science, physics or mathematics and are curious, able to learn, communicative and committed, then SCS offers you the opportunity to write your student research project or master's thesis. The thesis is normally written by two people, in exceptional cases by one person. It should contain both a research and a development component.

If you have an idea of your own for your study/master's thesis that your professor can support⁄, get in touch with us. Otherwise, let yourself be inspired by the following ideas. We will be happy to help you implement them.

If you are interested, please contact:

  • Explainable AI for Anomaly Detection

    Machine learning, specifically artificial deep neural network, have been used extensively in the last decade to tackle problems in computer vision. ... Learn more
  • Automating DDH Diagnosis using Machine/Deep Learning

    Between 2 and 3 percent of all infants are diagnosed with developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH), and it is believed that approximately 30% of all ... Learn more
  • Deep Learning in the Wild

    Climate change and human exploitation of our planet has a significant influence on the habitat and existence of wild animals. The resulting ... Learn more
  • Generating 3D Indoor Maps Autonomously Through Reinforcement Learning

    In September 2017, Unity Technologies released the first open beta of the Unity Machine Learning Agents Toolkit. With this toolkit, it is possible to ... Learn more
  • Integritee Token Bridge

    Blockchain technology poses a wide range of hard engineering questions, that still need solving in order for the industry to mature and reach its ... Learn more
  • Consensus at the Edge using Swarm Intelligence

    In distributed computer systems, it is usually imperative that the reliability of the overall system must be guaranteed despite unreliable processors ... Learn more
  • Extracting Knowledge from Medical Data with Machine-Learning

    We develop novel machine learning and artificial intelligence approaches to retrieve knowledge of medical data including images, text and ... Learn more
  • Privacy Preserving OAuth Service with TEEs

    If we use Google, Facebook, or SwissID logins for third party sites, these login providers get to know when we log into which service. Furthermore, the ... Learn more
  • AI-based Golf Coach with Automated Swing Analysis

    The golf swing is considered one of the most complex movements of all sports. For the amateur golfer, the difficulty lies in being able to swing in a ... Learn more
  • Deep Learning with Curiosity and Perseverance

    In January 2021, the Mars rover Curiosity reached the astonishing age of 3,000 Martian days (sols). While the new rover Perseverance landed on Mars a ... Learn more


We regularly offer internships in ongoing projects. We will gladly accept your application at any time.

Please send us your complete application documents in electronic form:

  • Cover letter with information about professional interests and wishes
  • Curriculum vitae with details of field of specialisation and subjects
  • Information about the current semester and copies of the intermediate diplomas (if available)
  • Work certificates/certificates of previous practical activities
  • Desired start and duration of the internship

Feel free to ask questions via the contact form.

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