Embedded Systems

'Embedded Systems' are computer systems that are embedded in a technical context. The computer takes over the control, regulation and monitoring of a system.

Concrete examples of 'embedded systems' developed by SCS are a base station for common-frequency broadcasting, industrial 'smart cameras' for quality control, an avionics device, cryptography hardware, network switches for cluster applications, smart grid components, as well as driver-assistance systems in the automotive sector.

SCS possesses the entire spectrum of expertise needed for the development of embedded systems:

  • Analysis of customer needs, system design, choice of technology
  • Development of electronics (incl. FPGA, DSP, uC technologies, measurement technology)
  • Software development from Assembler to C/C++/Java
  • Signal processing, algorithm development
  • Production support

Embedded Systems – Blog Postings

As of July 1, 2018, SCS has launched a new Department for Blockchain and Internet-Of-Things. Alain Brenzikofer heads the newly formed group as the new Department Head. We congratulate Alain Brenzikofer on the new role and wish him every ...
We are extremely proud to announce that the world-renowned design prize iF DESIGN AWARD has been awarded to the rc_visard of our customer Roboception ...
Around 3 years after the first ideas, we were able to realize the rc_visard, a 3D-stereo camera for robots, on behalf of the project partners KUKA and Roboception within just 9 months. For this project SCS could rely on their extensive ...
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