Internet of Things

Today's ubiquitous networked devices are increasingly becoming the Internet of Things (IoT). However, to make your solution a success, it is not enough to equip your device with Linux and connect it to the Internet. Important aspects that are often overlooked are:


  • Data communication and its availability and bandwidth
  • Monitoring of the distributed system
  • Automated deployment of software updates and security fixes
  • Logging
  • Maintenance ease
  • Information security and privacy
  • Management of master data records and configuration

In the future, IoT devices will become more and more autonomous. As a swarm, they will jointly solve problems whose complexity could not be overcome by a single device (competence optimal control). This may also mean that devices can enter into contracts with each other and pay each other for services (see Blockchain).

Also becoming increasingly important is "Trusted Computing", ie the provability that a counterparty runs on identifiable original hardware and software and no parasitic programs such as trojans are running.

SCS has developed distributed systems in various projects and has been operating them for a long time. Wherever possible, proven open source solutions are used.

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