Machine Control

SCS develops tailor-made solutions for machine control.

Using software control, entire mechanical processes can be appraised at high levels of abstraction and implemented more efficiently. At the same time, interfaces with other components and applications (enterprise applications, ERP, OEE cockpits) are indispensable for today’s business processes.

Complex machines also require high-performance, potentially decentralized control systems close to hardware. Powerful embedded computers, configurable hardware (FPGAs), efficient communication protocols and realtime-capable operating systems can form the basis for flexible and future-proof control systems.

Our broad expertise from hardware to software, the work in interdisciplinary teams and the application of state-of-the-art technologies and software development methods enable us to satisfy customer requirements at all times.

Machine Control – Blog Postings

  • SCS is now Microsoft-Partner in Azure CloudSCS is now Microsoft-Partner in Azure Cloud
    We are pleased to announce today that we have  become a Microsoft partner in Azure Cloud. In the past years, solutions based on cloud technologies have become widespread. Cloud technologies offer many advantages, but also have their tricky points. To ensure that we can continue to offer optimally tailored solutions for our customers, SCS has further ...
  • AI at the Edge: How artificial intelligence moves from cloud to deviceAI at the Edge: How artificial intelligence moves from cloud to device
    (Unfortunately, this presentation is currently only available in German.) In naher Zukunft wird KI zu unserem Alltag gehören. So werden selbstoptimierende Maschinen, Spracherkennung sowie diagnostizierende Medizingeräte uns täglich unterstützen. Die zugrunde liegenden Algorithmen sind extrem leistungsfähig aber auch leistungshungrig. Was steckt wirklich hinter der KI? Wie kann diese «at the edge», also eingebettet im Endgerät laufen, ...
  • Track and Trace in high performance packaging systemsTrack and Trace in high performance packaging systems
    The World Health Organization (WHO) assumes that over 25% of the medicine sold in developing countries and about 50% of medicine ordered online are fake. According to WHO’s estimations, the death toll in Africa alone amounts to 100’000 per year due to fake medicine. As a reaction to these figures, numerous governments worldwide are releasing ...
  • Cost Efficient Individual Blood Analysis Thanks to Industry 4.0 ConceptsCost Efficient Individual Blood Analysis Thanks to Industry 4.0 Concepts
    The German company GLP Systems Ltd., based in Hamburg, is an innovative specialist in the area of information and automation systems for clinical laboratories. GLP Systems has revolutionized the sample transfer using a new approach: Similar to a Carrera race track, the sample vessels are individually moved through the laboratories and cold-storage rooms in intelligent ...