Measure and Sensor Systems

How do you obtain optimal control over your processes and the quality of your products? Most needs can be suitably covered with standard solutions. The temptation is great to make measurements in a simple way based on such solutions, incurring ‘reasonable expense’.
But what are the influencing variables that are truly relevant? Where or how exactly do they need to bemeasured so we can base informed decisions on them? How can an automated evaluation effectively support you to make the right decisions? What cost savings are possible for a specific business model using a tailored solution?

With us you will find experts for the concept, design and implementation of tailor-made measurement systems and sensor solutions. We will find the appropriate manufacturer-independent technology for you, as well as the right method to apply the chosen measurement principle for the specific task. To do this, we plan experiments for you and carry out series of measurements on site at your premises as well as in the laboratory. The data and signals collected are analysed and evaluated by our experts. The results are documented in an understandable format. Finally, we discuss the results with you in detail.

An automated solution has to be integrated as seamlessly as possible into the existing infrastructure and be based on established work processes. For this reason, we plan the integration of the measurement system with you, taking all relevant aspects into account: from installation and commissioning to the most simple and coherent operation, right through to long-term use and maintenance.

Our Fields of Competence in detail

  • Manufacturer-independent sensors in the following technologies, for example:
    • Optical sensors
    • Digital cameras
    • Intelligent camera systems
    • 3D laser scanners and 3D laser triangulation
    • Optical 3D measurements with structured light
    • ‘Time-of-Flight’ ToF cameras
    • Stereo cameras
    • High speed cameras
    • Temperature, force and power sensors
  • Understanding of complex (measurement) systems
  • Development of automated algorithm evaluation
  • Implementation of specific sensor and evaluation units
  • Integration into existing infrastructure and work processes
  • Software design

Measure and Sensor Systems – Blog Postings

  • Tech-Event about the SBB diagnosis vehicle Tech-Event about the SBB diagnosis vehicleThis week, we could celebrate our first tech-event about the railway infrastructure diagnosis vehicle gDFZ from SBB. Joel Casutt, Florentin Marty and Patrick Wernli led the audience with over 200 guests through the vision, how the Zentrales System works, collects data, computes data makes them ready and visualizes them, as well as which sensors are ...
  • New Department “Decentralized Systems” New Department "Decentralized Systems"As of July 1, 2018, SCS has launched a new Department for Blockchain and Internet-Of-Things. Alain Brenzikofer heads the newly formed group as the new Department Head. We congratulate Alain Brenzikofer on the new role and wish him every success. Distributed Ledger Technologies, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, IoT: The terms are ubiquitous and will disrupt various industries. Alain ...
  • Successful SBB audit at SCS A team of SBB specialists carried out an audit of SCS on behalf of Swiss Federal Railway SBB for the Engineering Services contract regarding measurement and diagnostics technology ( Projekt Nr. 141430 – Engineering Mess- und Diagnosetechnik). We thank the audit team for the thorough audit, good questions and the constructive feedback, as well as ...
  • Cost Efficient Individual Blood Analysis Thanks to Industry 4.0 Concepts Cost Efficient Individual Blood Analysis Thanks to Industry 4.0 ConceptsThe German company GLP Systems Ltd., based in Hamburg, is an innovative specialist in the area of information and automation systems for clinical laboratories. GLP Systems has revolutionized the sample transfer using a new approach: Similar to a Carrera race track, the sample vessels are individually moved through the laboratories and cold-storage rooms in intelligent ...
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