Optoelectronics is a key technology for us, which we implement consistently in the areas of sensors, lighting and high speed communication.

SCS has solid expertise in optoelectronics and integrates a comprehensive range of optoelectronic components into diverse development projects:

  • Industrial sensors (Laser diodes, cameras, MOEMS)
  • Data transfer (Laser diodes, fibres, SerDes)
  • Signal and image processing (CMOS, CCD, PMT, PD)
  • Medical devices (Laser diodes, EOCB , fibres)

Optoelectronics combines optics with semiconductor electronics. It has become an everyday part of our lives. Applications of optronics are found in areas such as sensors, measurement technology, image processing, medical technology and consumer products. Typical optoelectronic components are laser diodes, light emitting diodes (LED), solar cells, optocouplers, screens, optical memory and data storage media. Thanks to great advances in the semiconductor industry as well as in micro and nanotechnology, the manufacture of compact, seamlessly integrated and cost effective optronics components and assemblies is now feasible.

1 Partner companies: www.vario-optics.ch


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