Planning and Decision-Making Tools

Life in today’s networked, global world means that we have to assess increasingly complex situations in ever shorter periods of time and have to make decisions with increasingly far-reaching consequences. Intelligent decision-making tools enable us to allocate scarce resources more effectively, to plan processes more efficiently and integrate framework conditions more adequately.

Science addresses a multitude of challenges under the heading of Operation Research (OR). Through the use of modern analytical methods and algorithms, decision-makers can be supported in their aim to achieve more adequate assessment of complex issues. To put it more simply, OR is “the science of improvement”. A number of advantages are available to you, whether your goal is to plan sophisticated production, to allocate company vehicles to field staff or to send data packages as reliably as possible via a network.

  • Better exploitation of resources thanks to

    • fewer employees, smaller plant volume
    • shorter process and lead times
    • Less material used

  • lower failure rates through more consistent planning
  • greater productivity, improved capacity, less downtime
  • faster reaction times to unexpected changes

What can SCS do for you?

  • Analysis and structuring of existing situations
  • Mathematical modelling of complex processes
  • Identification and inclusion of the essential influencing variables and relationships
  • Consideration of the relevant boundary conditions
  • Analysis and assessment of proposed solutions
  • Integration into existing infrastructures and workflows

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