Safety Related Software

Safety-related systems demand the highest quality standards. Compliance must be ensured using diverse standards, procedural models and processes.
SCS works in several areas of security-related systems. The work methods are adapted to the respective project specifications.

Ongoing projects

  • CENELEC, SIL Level 0 - SIL Level 4
  • IEC 62304 – Software life cycle Processes
  • EN60601 Class III
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration 21 CFR 820 – Quality System Regulation
  • Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medical devices

Safety Related Software - Blog Postings

Industrial applications require an increasing degree of trust and privacy protection. Proof of existence, of origination or of a consistent track record gain importance. Trusting the timestamps and the integrity of sensor data can be a ...
The safety and availability of SBB railway infrastructures is ensured by the Infrastructure Monitoring business unit. SBB requires a "towed diagnostics vehicle" (gDFZ) to fulfill this duty and at the same time to provide an enhancement to ...
The company Jöhl + Köferli AG offers tailored radio-transmission solutions. Supplemented by a control system, a central communication infrastructure for public transport emerges ...
Compared to regular radiation therapy with X-rays, the proton therapy allows an even more precise localisation of the dose and therefore a high therapeutical efficiency with fewer side effects. Thus, it is highly significant when treating ...