SCS has received a development grant from the web3 foundation in Zug for developing a privacy enhancement for blockchains that are based on  Parity Substrate, such as Polkadot and its parachains. SCS will leverage Trusted Execution Environments, namely Intel SGX, to enable use cases requiring enhanced confidentiality or integrity of decentralized computation.

This means that you will be able to transact cryptocurrency privately, that you will be able to swap cryptocurrency across different blockchains without a trusted intermediary or that you can vote privately and verifiably.

The project is open source from the start.

With Patrik Wernli, a very experienced project manager takes on the role of department head. From April 1st. Patrik takes over the department of Christian Bühlman who leaves SCS after 13 years. We wish Patrik a great start and thank Christian very much for the successful work over the years.

Prof. Jane Royston led us through various personal career situations and inflection points. She focused on how it is to work as a woman in a male-dominated field such as engineering or technology.

Despite the fact that women are slowly establishing themselves in engineering, there is still a large gap of potential. Especially when it comes to leadership responsibility. Jane motivated the 40 female participants to saying”yes” without hesitating when there is an attractive opportunity to take on more responsibility in their profession or in leadership roles. During her career, she repeatedly said “yes” to new challenges. In retrospect, Jane Royston herself was often surprised by her courage. She explained that women and men are different and that women have the responsibility to bring female associated traits to companies. Women, for example, are often the better listeners and bring sustainable values to companies. After a lively round of discussions, we had inspiring discussions over an aperitif.

We are all looking forward to the next “SCS get together – Women in Engineering” event at SCS in autumn 2019.

SCS Get Together Women in Engineering

Climate change and its impact will affect us all in the future. A few years’ ago, we organized Eco-lunches at our offices. During these lunches, we discussed the idea of combating climate change with an element from gamification.

This is why we are glad that this year, launches the myblueplanet coach app that allows challenges against one self, with groups and regular customized feedback and tipps. At the moment, it is available as beta version. The launch event will be on Tuesday 5. March with Alex Stefes from the Club of Rome at ETH Zentrum. dein-coach-fur-ein-nachhaltiges-leben/


Last week, we proudly hosted the «Women in Digital Health» meetup. During this meetup, SCS project leader Dr. sc. Susanne Suter opened the discussion to using artificial intelligence for medical software applications. More specifically, she presented our findings on using artificial intelligence, in particular, machine learning and deep learning, in medical applications such as for intensive care, ophthalmology or fertility tracking. We had an inspiring evening with many enriching discussions among the participants.

We are excited to have our board member Prof. Jane Royston as an excellent female role model for women in engineering. In a keynote, she will inspire us with her extraordinary career as a pioneer in entrepreneurship,  innovation and information technology.
Early in her career, Prof. Jane Royston became head of IT for DuPont France in Paris and soon after founded the software engineering company NatSoft. After selling her company, Jane Royston got appointed as the first professor of entrepreneurship and innovation in Switzerland with the prestigious Branco Weiss chair at the EPFL.
Jane Royston was subsequently asked by major universities in Switzerland, including the ETHZ and the University of St. Gallen, to implement and teach innovative entrepreneurship. She is a board member of SCS.

Kindly RSVP by February 25th 2019 via e-mail to:

We are looking forward to a vibrant evening with enriching discussions on Monday March 4th, 5-7pm!

This week, we could celebrate our first tech-event about the railway infrastructure diagnosis vehicle gDFZ from SBB. Joel Casutt, Florentin Marty and Patrick Wernli led the audience with over 200 guests through the vision, how the Zentrales System works, collects data, computes data makes them ready and visualizes them, as well as which sensors are utilized and what first learnings about fault detection on the rails could be observed.

SCS - Studienarbeiten

Eine Herausforderung beim Betrieb von elektrifizierten Bahnstrecken ist die Überwachung von Elementen (z.B. Weichen) und deren Verkabelung in der Aussenanlage. Ein weit verbreitetes Verfahren ist die Überwachung der Adern durch einen Ruhestrom. Speziell bei den heute immer noch weit verbreiteten Lösungen auf Relaisbasis ist die Überwachung des Stromes sehr eingeschränkt. Kurzschlüsse und der Einfluss von Fremdspannungen bleiben daher oft unerkannt. Continue reading “Detektion von Kabelfehlern in der Aussenanlage”

Last week, the Swiss Arbeitgeber Award (Swiss Employer Award) were awarded in the Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern. We are greatful that we have reached place 10 in the, for us, novel category of companies with 100-249 employees. Many thanks to all employees for the good feedback and the many ideas to further improve our organization!

This year, Supercomputing Systems is its first time present at the Innotrans with our own booth. You are very welcome to come by between Tuesday 18. September and Friday 21. September in Berlin to discuss with us recent projects, innovative technologies and project approaches.

SCS booth – Hall 2.2, booth 207 (SWISSRAIL Pavillon, 1. Stock)

Projects that we will showcase at the event:

  • Refirt of partially obsolescent systems on the example of ticket vending machine refit (including Front- and Backend)
  • Highly available and distributed systems on the example of the SBB ZKE-Netz (wayside train monitoring system)
  • Machine learning and computer vision on the example of advanced data analytics

We are looking forward to talk to you. If you want to schedule an appointment, contact us via e-mail to: