Blue light

SCS specialises in the development of mission-critical systems and AI applications in the blue light sector. The focus is on communication systems (telephony, radio, Polycom, new media), GIS applications, intelligent image and video processing systems as well as applications in the field of autonomous drones. Thanks to deep technological integration, SCS also develops customised electronic devices, camera and interface systems up to cloud solutions.

  • Operationally critical systems

    High competence in the area of high availability of systems

  • Artificial intelligence in practical application

    Extensive know-how in the field of AI-based image and video processing, signal processing, audio processing and pattern recognition

  • User interaction for perfect usability

    Intuitive interfaces, optimal adaptation to the processes and continuous integration into the surrounding systems are crucial in the everyday life of blue light organisations. SCS has a high level of expertise in the area of UI design and processes.


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