Blockchain is supposed to be a gamechanger, but why? Blockchain can be viewed as a democracy on a technical layer. With it we can build systems, that cannot be changed by one single organization or person. This has advantages on several layers: it prevents attacks by hackers, provides transparency on a technical level and eliminates the need for a trusted third party. Currently the big usecases are crypto currencies and NFTs, but we believe there is more to come. Blockchain has the potential to increase trust in our IT-systems in general. If applied at strategic places, it can help to add trust and tranparency to a system.

  • System Design

    To really increase trust in a system with blockchain, it is crucial to look at the system as a whole and how blockchain is integrated in the overall architecture. We have designed and implemented a variety of blockchain usecases ranging from integrating Trusted Execution Environments with blockchain, building a local currency with its own proof-of-personhood, up to show-casing the use of blockchain for safety-critical railway logic.

  • Brainstorm ideas, check feasibility

    We love to explore new ideas and combine them with our broad expertise. Keeping an open mind but also critical on what's feasible. We will discuss your blockchain idea with you, giving you new insights and showing what is possible today. To reduce the risk, we check the biggest uncertainties with feasibility studies.

  • Technologies

    Generally, we are happy to work with any technology. So far, we have focused on technologies from the Polkadot ecosystem, as they offer high flexibility and good scalability. We also have experience in combining Polkadot technology with IntelSGX Trusted Execution Environments. A special feature here is the use of Rust without the std standard libraries.


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