Public transport

Highly developed public transport is a flagship of Switzerland - not least thanks to the comprehensive support of operational processes by information technology. SCS develops customised solutions for transport companies in a wide range of areas - from ticket vending machines to the processing of infrastructure measurement data and high-availability train control equipment.

  • SCS is an established reference in Switzerland

    Over 10 different transport companies are among our customers. Thanks to our experience from over 1000 industrial projects, we understand your needs and speak your language.

  • Development and operation (DevOps)

    SCS operates and maintains customised systems for you according to the DevOps approach. This means that an operating team with the most comprehensive system know-how is available to you at all times.

  • Operationally critical and safety-relevant systems

    We put our high competence in the field of high availability of distributed systems as well as system development according to railway standards (EN-50126, EN-50128) at the service of your success.


Visual control of railroad wagons

Is the block brake worn? How thick is the collector shoe of the pantograph? Is an improperly installed screw coupling hanging down? The ... learn more

Predictive Alarm Detection

SBB ZKE measures the bearing and wheel temperatures of passing trains on the open track. SCS has trained an AI model that can measure the ... learn more

Blockchain for safety-critical interlocking logic

Blockchain makes it possible to run several computers in a network and thus increase reliability. Especially in ... learn more

Detection of wheel faults with smart algorithms

Wheel faults lead to high stress on the railway infrastructure and generate noise. SCS has developed algorithms to detect wheel faults. Thus ... learn more

Retrofits - Fit for the future

A retrofit is a modernisation of a system by retrofitting partial components. This allows costs to be saved in an environmentally friendly way. SCS has ... learn more
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