What is confidential computing and why do we need it? And why do we need blockchain for it? Our three speakers will answer these questions from their own perspectives.

We look forward to this exciting evening with Joe Petrowski, Alain Brenzikofer and Waldemar Scherer on Thursday, September 23, 2021.

Details for the event

Raising awareness is the first step towards transformation, which is why we are committed to keep discussing diversity and inclusion at our company. We were pleased to welcome Séverine Chardonnens, the co-founder of the tech start-up IDUN Technologies to talk about her view on this topic.

For the first time the event was held online which unexpectedly created a very intimate environment with a touching keynote.

After introducing her company, Séverine tried to explain why technology might feel inclusive to her whereas exclusive for many others. She then gave a refreshingly personal insight on her upbringing and her family constellation which she thinks, have been crucial in forming her beliefs and choosing and building an environment which is diverse and inclusive. These values did not only influence her choice of studies but then later showed themselves within the company that she founded, leading to a team that couldn’t be more diverse.

“Differences should not be ignored; they should be embraced.” – we couldn’t agree more.

The next women in engineering event is planned for spring 2021, we will keep you posted!

(Unfortunately, this presentation is only available in German.)

Trotz erschwerter Umstände konnte der SCS Denkanstoss unter Einhaltung der aktuellen Vorgaben des Bundes im Auditorium des Technopark Zürich durchgeführt werden. Das zahlreiche Publikum hörte den eindrücklichen Ausführungen von Erwin Thoma aufmerksam zu. Es wurde klar, wie viel wir von der Natur und ihren „Handlungsweisen“ lernen können, sowohl für den unternehmerischen Alltag wie auch unser persönliches Leben.


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    AI at the edge

    (Unfortunately, this presentation is currently only available in German.)

    In naher Zukunft wird KI zu unserem Alltag gehören. So werden selbstoptimierende Maschinen, Spracherkennung sowie diagnostizierende Medizingeräte uns täglich unterstützen. Die zugrunde liegenden Algorithmen sind extrem leistungsfähig aber auch leistungshungrig. Was steckt wirklich hinter der KI? Wie kann diese «at the edge», also eingebettet im Endgerät laufen, ohne Daten in der Cloud zu rechnen? In diesem Talk erklären David Gschwend und Florentin Marty, wie Ingenieure von SCS für Ihre Kunden erfolgreich KI in eingebettete Systeme packen.

    Dieser Vortrag wurde am 9. Juni 2020 im Rahmen der Embedded Computing Conference 2020 mit dem “Audience Choice Award” ausgezeichnet.

    You have an idea, a project or a problem you’d like to discuss? Get in touch with me now!

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      We are excited to announce that our next network event for women in engineering is upcoming. We feel honored to have been able to recruit as a keynote speaker Sandy Oppliger. She is a career changer in the tech industry and was CEO of Bauknecht until recently. In her keynote “From Borneo to CEO”, she will talk about her unconventional career path from a traveler to an active and enthusiastic leader in the tech industry. We are looking forward to many questions and a lively exchange of ideas, just like last time. Of course, there will be an aperitif and hopefully many good conversations.

      We are addressing female students and professionals in computer science and electrical engineering, but we warmly welcome visitors from related fields, too.


      The event is hosted by Supercomputing Sisters from Supercomputing Systems and will take place at Technopark Zürich, Trakt Edison, 5th floor, on April 7th 2020 from 5-7pm. See SCS Get together – Women in Engineering


      Unfortunately, we had to cancel this event due to the current health situation.

      In case you are interested in similar events, register at info@scs.ch  and we keep you updated.


      Supercomputing Sisters


      PS: The keynote will be held in English.

      We are excited to have our board member Prof. Jane Royston as an excellent female role model for women in engineering. In a keynote, she will inspire us with her extraordinary career as a pioneer in entrepreneurship,  innovation and information technology.
      Early in her career, Prof. Jane Royston became head of IT for DuPont France in Paris and soon after founded the software engineering company NatSoft. After selling her company, Jane Royston got appointed as the first professor of entrepreneurship and innovation in Switzerland with the prestigious Branco Weiss chair at the EPFL.
      Jane Royston was subsequently asked by major universities in Switzerland, including the ETHZ and the University of St. Gallen, to implement and teach innovative entrepreneurship. She is a board member of SCS.

      Kindly RSVP by February 25th 2019 via e-mail to: info@scs.ch

      We are looking forward to a vibrant evening with enriching discussions on Monday March 4th, 5-7pm!

      This week, we could celebrate our first tech-event about the railway infrastructure diagnosis vehicle gDFZ from SBB. Joel Casutt, Florentin Marty and Patrick Wernli led the audience with over 200 guests through the vision, how the Zentrales System works, collects data, computes data makes them ready and visualizes them, as well as which sensors are utilized and what first learnings about fault detection on the rails could be observed.