Climate change and its impact will affect us all in the future. A few years’ ago, we organized Eco-lunches at our offices. During these lunches, we discussed the idea of combating climate change with an element from gamification.

This is why we are glad that this year, launches the myblueplanet coach app that allows challenges against one self, with groups and regular customized feedback and tipps. At the moment, it is available as beta version. The launch event will be on Tuesday 5. March with Alex Stefes from the Club of Rome at ETH Zentrum. dein-coach-fur-ein-nachhaltiges-leben/


We are very proud that – the leading online-platform for legal information in Switzerland – is now certified according to the SIG/TÜViT Trusted Product Maintainability Criteria. This certificate is awarded to software products that fulfil strict requirements regarding maintainability and quality of its source code. was rated with 4-stars, ranking it in the top 30% of the software solutions certified using the SIG/TÜViT Evaluation Criteria for Trusted Product Maintainability.

Swisslex - SCS - SIG/TÜViT Certificat
Floris van den Broek CTO SIG B.V. / Marc Bloch Sommer CEO Swisslex / Jérôme Stettler Department Head SCS AG

We thank Swisslex AG for their trust in our service in the last years and look forward to a further successful cooperation.

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