When the feasibility of your idea has been proven and the scaling of the business is pending, the industrialisation of the prototype follows: The optimisation of the product and production guarantees the required quality and security. Depending on your needs, we can also support you with certification.

For operations/production, we ensure that the necessary infrastructure is available and scales with your business.

  • Ensure quality

    A successful market launch of your product requires the highest quality. That is what we stand for.

  • Certifications

    Your product / solution must meet the legal requirements. We guide you through standardisation for the following applications: Railway, medical technology, automotive and industry.

  • Optimisations

    When the business scales, even the smallest optimisations pay off: We simplify your electronics, accelerate production, optimise algorithms, provide efficient testing resources or ensure smooth operation and further development of your solution with DevOps/MLOps.

Current projects

SOC/FPGA: 4D full-range radar

The 4D Radar developed by ZF supports the development of safe vehicles through the generated high-resolution point cloud. The team from ... learn more

Embedded electronics and app for watches

Zurich-based startup Aramedes aims to build watches that combine traditional watchmaking craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, ... learn more

Control for the most powerful ship engine in the world

SCS has developed a versatile control system for combustion engines for Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD). The new control system enables ... learn more

Retrofits - Fit for the future

A retrofit is a modernisation of a system by retrofitting partial components. This allows costs to be saved in an environmentally friendly way. SCS has ... learn more
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