Exchanging ideas and passing on knowledge is important to us. At the regular SCS Tech events and thought-provoking events, renowned personalities stimulate discussion on technological and social topics. In addition, women from STEM professions meet regularly to network as part of "Women in Engineering".

Upcoming event

  • Engineer and mother with heart and soul

    Get Together - Women in Engineering: Katrin Blattner-Kempin will talk about how to combine a career in building technologies with family life. After her keynote speech, you will have the opportunity to exchange viewpoints and discuss ideas. Meet like-minded peers and expand your network over an aperitif riche. Learn more

Past events

Charge management in the underground car park

There are more and more electric cars in underground garages. Landlords and property owners are faced with the question of how to deal with this - what charging infrastructure they ... Learn more

An accidental career in AI and women's health

Get Together - Women in Engineering: Lisa Falco will talk about how seemingly random choices can turn into a career. After her keynote speech, you will have the opportunity to ... Learn more

Air. Nothing else.

But air is not nothing. For MBV to launch the latest generation of smart, microbiological air samplers, it took a lot of 'puffing'. ... Learn more

Swisseldex Datahub

"The central data hub for switching processes and energy data from Swisseldex AG enables the standardised and protected exchange of data in the liberalised ... Learn more

Women entrepreneurs shake up classic industries - Building a career you love

Get Together - Women in Engineering: Women are still underrepresented in the engineering fields. One way to counteract this is to increase their visibility. On this evening, SCS ... Learn more

Sustainable and healthy buildings thanks to IoT develops solutions to make buildings healthy, pleasant and efficient environments for the occupants thanks to better air quality. The basis for this ... Learn more

Decentralization and Privacy

Alain Brenzikofer founded the new SCS department "Decentralized Systems" and with the support of the web3 foundation, SCS developed a solution for publicly auditable and ... Learn more

Digital Services at V-ZUG - IoT for household appliances

V-Zug is a Swiss premium appliance manufacturer that has decided to expand its business model with 'Digital Services'. Dr Franke, Head of ... Learn more

Strategies of nature

Dr. Erwin Thoma, founder of the Thoma timber construction company, is an internationally recognised expert in sustainable timber construction. In this presentation, he shows what we can learn from the 'System ... Learn more

Winterthur Gas & Diesel WiCE Innovation on the high seas

SCS supported Winterthur Gas & Diesel in the development of WiCE, the latest generation of engine controls that are becoming more efficient and cleaner. WiCE controls the ... Learn more