Communications Systems

Wherever technical systems exchange data or people contact each other across space and time, communication systems of various specifications are involved. The requirements with regard to data bandwidth, latency (delay), confidentiality, availability and security vary greatly.

SCS has broad experience in the development of communication systems. The technologies required consist of wireless as well as wired data transfer, media conversion, data compression and data analysis in real-time, decoding and encoding, encryption and storage.

Examples of such projects include Rega’s (Swiss Air Rescue) REMICO mobile radio system or the voice over IP communication infrastructure for the life-saving telephone watches manufactured by Limmex:

  • Rega REMICO radio system
  • Limmex radio-controlled watch

Communications Systems – Blog Postings

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  • New VoIP infrastructure for Rega mission controlNew VoIP infrastructure for Rega mission control
    Swiss Air-Ambluance Rega has introduced a complete new mission control system and thereby developed a new telecommunication infrastructure system with SCS AG as its partner. The system is Voice-over-IP (VoIP) based and features a custom-designed user frontend that perfectly fits the mission controller’s needs and includes two VoIP-telephones per workplace. The system also integrates communication ...
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