The protection of confidential information is a central challenge to society. With the advent of the Internet, the need for reliable encryption has increased massively, and there is increased awareness among private users: Examples such as a digitally submitted tax declaration, the access codes for e-banking, or private notes are nowadays routinely protected using cryptographic methods.

But how secure is the information that you send by e-mail? Can a potential burglar ascertain when you’re at home and when you’re on holiday? What happens to the data on your hard drive when you replace your computer with a newer model? How does your provider ensure that only authorised users have access to images and data that you have stored in the “cloud”?

SCS has been active for more than 15 years in the area of data encryption and has contributed to the successful market launch of a wide range of encryption and authentication systems. Our expertise covers algorithmic issues as well as their deployment on dedicated hardware.

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Industrial applications require an increasing degree of trust and privacy protection. Proof of existence, of origination or of a consistent track record gain importance. Trusting the timestamps and the integrity of sensor data can be a ...