Energy Sector

The electricity supply network of the future will face challenges from the increasing development of volatile energy sources such as solar and wind farms: stress factors are determined ever more through random environmental parameters; load flows can reverse, and local bottlenecks can arise in the networks, so that they will need to be augmented.

Smart Grid
A ‘Smart Grid’ is an electricity supply network that disposes over the necessary measurement, control and management systems to meet those challenges. SCS is developing and testing ‘Smart Grid’ technologies for the electricity supply networks of the future. Its extensive technical knowledge and wide-ranging methodological competence means that SCS is ideally positioned in the energy sector.

Simulation environment ‘Energielandschaft Schweiz’
‘Energielandschaft Schweiz’ (energy landscape Switzerland), an open simulation environment developed by SCS, allows blanket observation of Switzerland’s energy supply. The model allows the creation of variable scenarios. Energy and activity balances are calculated over time, depending on the generation system, the degree of development of volatile energy sources (taking into account site and weather data), the degree of development and use of central and local storage facilities, the storage strategy and further parameters. The model thus allows the direct comparison of various scenarios and thereby creates a basis for a national debate about energy in Switzerland.

Energy systems & Smart Grids – Blog Postings

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    In collaboration with BKW, ewz and Bacher Energie AG, as well as co-financed by the Federal Office of Energy (FOE), SCS AG has successfully fulfilled the GridBox measurement and demonstration campaigns by March 2016. The GridBox project demonstrated a real-world instance of a full featured smart grid concept. Two distribution grid regions were equipped with ...